Can You Share Car Insurance Without Being Married?

If you’re thinking about acquiring car insurance for both you and your partner, you may wonder, Can you share car insurance without being married? In fact, you can! While it might be a bit more expensive to share a policy, you can save money by avoiding Named-Driver exclusions. However, you should be aware that the … Read more

Can You Share Car Insurance With Your Boyfriend?

Sharing car insurance with your boyfriend is perfectly legal, and it’s certainly cheaper than two separate policies. However, it’s important to consider your significant other’s driving record before deciding to add him to your policy. If you do, you could end up without coverage if he’s in an accident, which can break up the relationship. … Read more

Is it Illegal For Two Uber Drivers to Share a Car?

The basic requirements for an Uber driver include having at least one year of driving experience, holding a valid US driver’s license and owning a four-door vehicle. You must also be willing to undergo a background check and reveal any past criminal or driving history. The first time you drive for Uber, it is against … Read more

What is Gig Car Share?

If you’ve ever wondered what gig car share is, this article is for you. It’s an electric ride-sharing service that allows users to reserve a car when they need it. While the concept of gig is convenient, it also has a few downsides. First, you have to wait for a half-hour window to get a … Read more

What Is a Car Share Service?

What Is a Car Share Service? A car share service gives you access to a wide range of vehicles at a fraction of the cost of owning one. Vehicles range from SUVs that can carry large items to mid-size cars for errands or shopping trips, to fun convertibles that you can take out for a … Read more

How to Share a Background Check on Care Com

Conducting a background check on a prospective caregiver is vital to protect your family from potential abuse. Caretakers on babysitting websites are responsible for securing the public’s trust by displaying their backgrounds. However, it is also important to check their social media accounts for any possible affiliations. Caretakers should also sign a contract to protect … Read more

What Cars Share the Same Parts?

What cars share parts? It’s almost impossible to name just one car that shares identical parts. However, there are some cars that are similar in more ways than one. Here are a few examples: Corvette, Toyota, Nissan Qashqai, and Mitsubishi 3000GT. The list is by no means exhaustive. Hopefully, this article has given you some … Read more

Is Enterprise Car Share Good?

Are Enterprise Car Share plans any good? The answer to that question depends on your situation. If you live in Chicago or Washington D.C., you may want to look into the membership options. Membership plans start at about $6.75 per hour, with a daily rate of about $76. Other cities have more expensive plans, but … Read more

How a Motorcycle May Share a Lane With a Car

Whether you are driving a motorcycle or a car, you should be aware of the laws regarding sharing lanes with each other. In California, it is illegal to split a lane with a motorcycle. Lane filtering is legal in Iowa. Read more about sharing lanes with motorcycles to avoid an accident. Regardless of the law, … Read more

Can a Motorcycle Share a Lane With a Car?

You may be wondering if you can share a lane with a car if you own a motorcycle. Well, you can. The law in New York does not prohibit sharing lane with cars. However, you should keep in mind that motorcyclists have a right to “full use” of the lane. So, if you have enough … Read more