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If you’re thinking of getting insurance on your car for you and your spouse you might wonder: is it possible to share insurance without getting married? In fact, you can! Although it is slightly more costly to have a shared policy, you’ll save money by avoiding Named Driver exclusions. But, take note that expenses tend to be higher than buying individual policies. Don’t forget the ownership of your home.

Couples who are not married can obtain car insurance without having to be married.

In the past, it was almost impossible for married couples to purchase separate insurance policies for their cars. But, now, unmarried couples can buy the same insurance together with their spouse. These policies are called “non-relative” policies and could be cheaper as compared to two policies. In order to obtain a non-relative policy, married couples must prove that they’ve been in contact and have a steady and committed relationship. Certain businesses will also require documents proving marriage or engagement.

When purchasing insurance for a car for a couple who is not married It is crucial to know that the legal requirements of insurance policies differ between states. When you as well as your spouse would like to be under the same insurance policy it is necessary to reside within the exact same area. In this situation you will need to live with the same residence. The other person is accountable to update the policy in case you relocate. This can be difficult when you frequently move.

The cost is higher than other policies.

There is no doubt that the cost of sharing insurance for cars are higher than when you’re married. However, this isn’t the only scenario. If you have a spouse with a superior performance on the road, you might be in a position to save money by purchasing separate policies, because married couples are generally seen as less risky for insurance companies. In any case, sharing insurance could make your insurance costs considerably lower, and it’s worthwhile to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two alternatives.

One reason for the cost of having a joint policy are more expensive than the cost of separate policies is because traditional insurance companies can only offer jointly-owned policies for legally married couples. Even if you’re not married you may search for more relaxed policies by searching for a policy with an alternative insurance company. A joint insurance policy can help you save money as you’ll get a discount on more than one vehicle.

Exclusions for named drivers can help you save money

You might be wondering how to get rid of a named driver from the insurance coverage of your car. To accomplish this, contact the insurance company. In accordance with your insurance provider you are able to also do the transfer on the internet. But, keep your mind in the process that the exclusion of the driver will remain until you get rid of it. It is also possible to use an insurance comparison site like Jerry to locate the best rates on car insurance for high-risk drivers.

It is also possible to lower your cost by including other drivers in your insurance. When you’ve got teenage driver in your family Your insurance provider is likely to think that they are high-risk and thus charge you a greater cost. By excluding the driver, you can reduce the cost by as much as 20 percent. Also, you can cut costs through excluding family members from your insurance when you’re a safe driver.