2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X


2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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While the Model X is available in two trims: base and Plaid, the Eletre will hit the market as a solo trim, later joined by a 900-horsepower variant, according to Top Gear.

The Eletre will come with LED lights as standard, along with massive 21-inch wheels, carbon-fiber exterior trim, flush door handles, and a pop-up rear spoiler, on the exterior. If you want the best experience, then you have to spec your Eletre with 23-inch wheels and loads of carbon fiber around the body. On the inside, there is a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen, power-adjustable seats, ambient lighting, two 1.18-inch wide driver and front passenger information displays, a head-up display, and a 15-speaker KEF premium sound system.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Exterior
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The Model X comes fully equipped, too, as standard. 20-inch wheels, LED lights, keyless entry, panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, tri-zone automatic climate control, a 17-inch touchscreen display, you name it. It even has heated rear seats as standard. But, the rear seats are not adjustable like the Eletre, which can only fit four people, whereas the Model X can fit up to seven people. However, you can have a rear bench to make your Eletre a five-seater SUV. The Plaid is a more powerful (about 1,020 horsepower) variant of the standard Model X and can also be had with a third-row seat.


2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Exterior
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When the Model X came out in 2016, it had a great futuristic design with sharp visuals, but it does not stand a chance against the upcoming Lotus Eletre. It is just so much sportier than the Tesla, which looks bland when viewed side-by-side. However, that is something we can expect from a niche sports car brand like Lotus. The front fascia kind of reminded us of the Lamborghini Urus, especially the nose design and the DRL placements. The lower bumper features an active honeycomb mesh grille that can open and close automatically for cooling the batteries. The headlights are situated right above it. The design influences are mostly taken from the Evija and Emira. The headlights come with matrix technology for added customizability. The Eletre’s design language does not stand close to what Urus or the Model X can offer. The visual representations will make you think it is a “hyper-SUV”. There are actual vents for brake cooling on the lower sides of the front bumper. You can find vents on the bonnet and the C-pillar, to reduce drag. The sides have flush door handles, but unlike the prototype, there will be no light bars on them when they finally make it to production. The winglet-styled roof spoiler is unique to the industry, and there is another pop-up rear spoiler on the tail-end as well. There is a sleek LED light bar running across the rear fascia, with the brand name under it. By default, the Eletre will run on 22-inch wheels, but a 23-inch set, as you can see on the prototype, will be available as an option.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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Seriously, by the looks, it seems that the new Lotus Eletre can eat the Tesla Model X for breakfast. The Model X has not been through any significant design changes since its arrival in 2016. Tesla is known for its futuristic yet unpretentious design philosophy, which we are witnessing for quite some time now. The sleek LED headlights, a smooth front lower bumper, and LED foglights on the sides wrap up the front end. The sides have 20-inch Cyberstream wheels, flush door handles, and a sloping roofline. The Falcon Wing doors for the rear, as you know, are unique, and Tesla also offers 22-inch dark-accented wheels along with a deployable rear spoiler. The panoramic sunroof is considered to be the largest in the industry. While the design differences are huge between the Eletre and the Model X, the dimensions are quite familiar. The former is about an inch longer than the latter, while the width remains the same – 78.7 inches. The Model X is about two inches taller than the Eletre, and has a shorter wheelbase compared to the Eletre’s 118.9 inches. We don’t know much about the ground clearance of the Eletre, but Lotus claims that it can do off-roading. So we can expect at least seven inches of ground clearance. Lotus is yet to disclose the curb weight of the Eletre, but given the stature of the brand, it is expected to be a lot lighter than the Model X.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Exterior Dimensions Comparison
2023 Lotus Eletre 2022 Tesla Model X
Length 200.9 in. 199.1 in.
Width 78.7 in. 78.7 in.
Height 64.2 in. 66.1 in.
Ground Clearance TBD 6.6 in.
Wheelbase 118.9 in. 116.7 in.
Front Width TBD 67.1 in.
Rear Width TBD 67.3 in.
Curb Weight TBD 5,185 lbs.


2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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The cabin of both the Eletre and the Model X have their distinguished design approach. The Model X, like its exterior, has carried forward the simplistic design philosophy, whereas it is completely different from the Eletre. In fact, we have never witnessed such a tech-savvy interior from Lotus before. Thanks to its Chinese involvement, the interior is plush and futuristic with bronze accents around it. The dashboard, even the door panels, and the seats are wrapped in either leather or microsuede, or even wool blends. We can say the same to the Model X’s interior, and is certainly not as posh as the Eletre’s cabin. The steering wheel is found to be very similar to the BMW iX’s and comes with push-buttons instead of touch-sensitive ones. The instrument console is like nothing we have seen this far. It is a 1.18-inch high display strip that displays all the necessary information required by the driver. The same display has been placed on the front passenger side as well. But, unlike the driver information display, it will keep you updated about the weather, the nearest points of interest, and the currently playing music. Sitting on the center console is a massive 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen display. By the look of it, the interface is not familiar to the Google-sourced unit from Polestar or Volvo. The center console has a dual-tone effect with backlit metal rockers. There is a KEF 15-speaker surround sound system, which will come fitted to the standard Eletre, while a 23-speaker system remains optional. The Eletre will seat up to five or four people, depending on your choice. The four-seater variants will have electrically adjustable rear seats. Lotus is yet to confirm the interior dimensions of the Eletre, but given that it is quite a big SUV, it will have enough headroom and legroom for both rows.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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It is time for the Model X’s cabin to come forth. As previously stated, the design is minimalistic, with a hint of the futuristic design Tesla is known for. The first thing you will notice is the nearly buttonless dashboard with the unique yoke-style steering wheel, a huge 17-inch touchscreen display, and the uninterrupted view created by the huge windshield-cum-glass-roof. The Model X has a pretty-looking cabin, except for the quality. We couldn’t trust the build quality to be sturdy and genuine when we tested the Model X ourselves. The 12.3-inch driver information display comes fitted as standard. There is an eight-inch display for the second-row passengers. The infotainment system, however, does not support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but the infotainment system is feature-proofed. For the audiophiles, there is a 22-speaker sound system fitted as standard. As for cabin practicality, there is no doubt that the Model X holds more space, and you can carry up to seven people at once. As standard, the Model X holds a seating capacity of up to five people, but you can get it with a third row and a second-row captain’s chair, or a second-row bench, including the third row.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Interior Dimensions Comparison
Model 2023 Lotus Eletre 2022 Tesla Model X
Seating Capacity 4/5 5/7
Front Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches) TBD 41.7/60.7/41.1
Second Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches) TBD 40.9/56.8/39.8
Third Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches) NA 37.1/40.7/32.2
Cargo Capacity  TBD 15 cu.ft.

Powertrain and Battery

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Drivetrain
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Lotus has confirmed that the Eletre will be powered by two electric motors in the base form and three on the future powerful model. That setup will include two on the front axle and one for the rear. With all three motors combined, the Eletre will put out at least 900 horsepower, and drive all four wheels. The current model announced with the dual-motor setup will make 600 horsepower.
The Plaid, on the other hand, puts out a monstrous 1,020 horsepower. The Plaid can do a naught to 60 in 2.5 seconds, which is insanely quick. Despite the vast differences in power figures, the standard Eletre claims to do the same in under three seconds, which might be a bit of a push for the time being. If it is true, Lotus might have utilized the power-to-weight ratio quite well. However, we are being told that a 900 horsepower variant will be hitting the market after the standard Eletre goes on sale. But there is no such claim by the company itself. The top speed of the Eletre is limited to 161 miles per hour, while the Model X is three miles per hour faster. Both of them come with a big 100-kWh battery pack.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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Handling-wise, the standard Eletre will be far superior, given the reputation of Lotus. There is air suspension and adaptive dampers fitted as standard to the Eletre. The chassis is made of aluminum and high-tensile steel for optimum rigidity. Lotus will provide options such as active ride height, rear-axle steering, active anti-roll bar, and torque vectoring system with the Eletre. The Model X Plaid comes with air suspension as well, and is quite fun to drive, even around corners. But we think that the Eletre will be better, for it is meant to be a hyper-SUV.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Performance Stats Comparison
2023 Lotus Eletre 2022 Tesla Model X
Engine TBD Up to three electric motors
Transmission Direct-drive Direct-drive
Horsepower 600 hp Up to 1,020 hp
Torque TBD
Driveline AWD AWD
0-60 mph Under three seconds 2.5 seconds
Top Speed 161 mph 163 mph
Battery size 100.0-kWh 100.0-kWh


2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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Lotus is claiming to achieve a good range of about 373 miles as per the WLTP, which is similar to 315 miles according to the EPA standards. The numbers are not bad at all, but the Model X delivers a better range of 348 miles, as standard. The more powerful Plaid is rated better than the Eletre at 333 miles. We have to wait till we get the EPA ratings for the Eletre, and Lotus might optimize the power usage via OTA updates in the future to make it score better in the mileage ratings. As per charging, Tesla’s Superchargers can take just 15 mins and charge enough to take you 175 miles. Lotus will offer fast-charging solutions as well, and it promises that its 350-kW charger can charge the battery pack up to 80-percent in 20 minutes, meaning that you can get about 248 miles of the overall range. So, the charging is faster with the Eletre.

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X Range Comparison
EPA ratings 2023 Lotus Eletre 2022 Tesla Model X
City TBD 107 
Mileage TBD 97
Combined TBD 102
Charging Time 20 minutes (0-80% using the 350-kW charger 14.0 hr. (240V)
Electricity Range 315 mi. (Estimated) 348 mi.

Safety Convenience

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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It is no hoax that Tesla’s Autopilot is known for its consistency and burdenless engagements, but Lotus is not stepping aside either. Lotus has in fact revealed the use of the LIDAR system, intelligently. As you know, the LIDAR system uses lasers to detect nearby objects such as cars, or pedestrians and measures the distance with more accuracy than a simple camera system. But what matters is the way Lotus has hidden the sensors. You wouldn’t know if they are present unless you need them. They pop up from the roof and the sides, just above the wheel arches. Lotus confirms that the upcoming Eletre will possess Level 4 autonomy, with the usual self-driving capabilities. We have to test it out ourselves to give it a conclusion, but we think that the system will likely be similar and seamless to Tesla’s Autopilot. As for the standard ADAS system, both the Model X and Eletre have:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Frontal collision mitigation
  • Blindspot monitoring
  • Blindspot intervention
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Front cross-traffic alert
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Parking assist

Will the new Lotus Eletre make the Tesla Model X run for its money?

2023 Lotus Eletre vs 2022 Tesla Model X
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Both the Eletre and the Model X are different in their ways. The Model X is the more practical and reliable solution for the high-performance EV SUV market. The Lotus Eletre will be hitting the U.S. market in 2024 and will be manufactured in Wuhan, China. By the looks, the Eletre will be the best-selling Lotus, as it packs more features, tech, and luxury, along with the appropriate performance Lotus is known for. We think that the transition of Lotus is for the good, and we will witness more upcoming EVs from them. The price remains a mystery, although, in the U.K., it will be priced at £100,000. So, it will be around $130,000 when it arrives at the American shores.


Who owns Lotus?

Lotus is under the Chinese conglomerate called Geely, which also owns Volvo and Polestar.

When is the Lotus Eletre coming to the US?

Lotus confirmed that their new electric hyper-SUV, the Eletre, will arrive in 2024 in the U.S.

How fast is the Eletre?

The Eletre is claimed to touch 60 miles per hour from a standstill in less than three seconds.

What is the estimated range of the Eletre?

The Eletre will deliver at least 315 miles, which is slightly on the lower side, compared to what the Model X offers.

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